Finally, it’s getting hot in Slovenia!

Hey guys,

after days of rain, we’re finally having some hot temperature and strong sun: the perfect combination for working the fields! Summer is the most busy time of the year for farmers “like me”! 🙂 While others people are at the sea or outside enjoying the good weather, we’re also outside but cutting, flipping and gathering the hay!

The sooner we start, the faster we finish!

Due to the work on the fields, I might not be able to write posts as often as I would like, but I will always try my best to answer messages as fast as possible.

Thanks for understanding and enjoy the sun!

Hiking with the Cows

I went hiking with cows today!

This morning, we woke up early, dressed warmly, geared our mountains boots and headed out. We took a bumpy ride to the Planina in the tractor, with one task in mind: pick up our cows who spent the summer there.

The fog was thick and the air was cold. We had a warm meal upon arrival, then we gathered our herd and started our hike down.

Walking with Cows |

Walking with Cows

The tractor and one hiker were in the front, two hikers stayed on the side, two hikers closed the group at the back and we surrounded and guided the herd down.

After 2-3 hours hike, and meeting numerous cars on our way, we finally arrived on our lands. The road was difficult for the cows, as the asphalt was hard for their hooves, but they didn’t complain and did very well!

Now, our cows are happily eating grass and walking in our nice and green pasture!

Until next time,


Working on the Fields!

Many apologies!

A lot of things are going on the Farm during Summer and 24 hours per day just doesn’t seem enough at all!

Few weeks back, we’ve moved the cows (yes, we have cows!) to the nearby Plains in the mountains – Planina.

It’s like Summer camp for the cows!

So, while the cows enjoy their yummy grass and fresh air up there, we work on the fields!

“Cut, Flip, Dry, Gather and Store” has become my new motto now! 😉

Farm works are really physical: we work long hours under the sun, but it’s good conditioning. We have a lots of lands and hills to maintain and are dependent of the good weather.

Living on the farm is a lot of work and very different from the city, but at the end of the day, I’m able to enjoy a breathtaking sightseeing of the nature and I always have an awesome feeling of great accomplishment through the hard work!

Enjoy the little things in life even if things get hard, my dear friends!

Until next time (soon, hopefully!),

Surprising Treasure Found in our Backyard

Winter is officially gone in Slovenia. We took advantage of the good warm weather and started the spring cleaning in the garden and around the house.

And while playing with our dog, surprise, surprise…

A roe deer antler!

Roe deers are seen quite often in Slovenia, and they come fairly close to the house during the winter, looking for food.

Finding a roe deer antler is rare, but not as rare as finding one so close to the house! A nice and surprising little treasure found!

Until next time,

Welcome to Čadovlje Pri Tržiču

Think about the town where you currently live: its local customs, traditions, and hangouts, its slang. What would be the strangest thing about this place for a first-time visitor?
Daily Prompt

In the lovely country of Slovenia, I currently live in a small and quiet village of about 80-ish people near the Austrian border – Čadovlje Pri Tržiču.

The closest town – Tržič, is about 30 mins walk downhills.

A lot of my new neighbors own a family farm – I currently also live in a nearly 150 years old family farmhouse.

On the farm, they cut woods from the forest, have livestock such as cows for milk, bulls and pigs for meat, chickens for eggs and harvest from their lands as well. Almost everyone has a personal garden with flowers, herbs and vegetables. They also pick fruits and nuts from the trees on the land.

From the forest uphills, behind the house, there’s a hiking path – wild mushrooms are often collected by hikers. The view up the hills is very impressive. There’s also a discreet path to a small waterfalls near the house. For minerals lovers, there’s also a special hiking path nearby. It is also not that unusual to see deer or hear fox around.

The strangest thing for a first-time visitor?

“What? You own these fields, hills and forest?!”

Our LandThe red arrows shows an example of the lands one family can own.

The fields are also divided in a very awkward way, as you can see, the hill in the middle of the pictures is our neighbor’s.

The whole land owned by a family is part of their family’s heritage, passed from generations to generations.

It takes a lot of time and devotion to maintain all these lands, especially the hills and forest. I want to help my boyfriend keep his Slovenian heritage.

So, here I am ,
Anna in Slovenia.