Dessert Weekend at Pr’ Krvin

Hey guys! (Yummmmmm!)

I’ve always been a big fan of beautiful and delicious desserts, especially chocolate mousse. I was quite sad to find out that it wasn’t that common in Slovenia until last year. The first time I went lunch at Gostilna Pr’ Krvin, a restaurant in Tržič (and near our home), I discovered that they served amazingly good desserts! I was simply overjoyed!

No need to mention that taste is crucial, but for me, appearance is equally important. I love food that are also appealing to the eyes.

Few times during the summer, Gostilna Pr’ Krvin holds a Dessert Weekend in their beautiful garden, all sorts of delicious AND beautiful desserts are served. My all-time favorite is always chocolate mousse paired with some fruit coulee or hazelnut crumble. Just thinking about it, literally makes me drool.

This weekend was this year’s last Dessert Weekend, but fortunately, they also serve delicious desserts on a daily basis, but the choices are more limited.

Updates January 2017 – I am sad to announce that Gostilna Pr’ Krvin is now closed.

Until next time,