Supermoon from our Backyard

The weather is getting colder in Slovenia and every morning, there’s a thin layers of ice on the grass. I can totally feel the winter coming! Time for hat and gloves.

Going out in the cold is not exactly my favorite thing to do. I rather stay warm and cozy. Although, there’s an exception every once in a while, right?


Last night was cold and cloudy, but it was also the Supermoon. A full moon is called a Supermoon when it coincides with the Moon’s closest approach to Earth, it gives the impression of a bigger and larger moon. Despite my dislike for the cold weather, I just had to go outside and witness it with my own eyes. (Fortunately, we didn’t have to go very far to find a spot far from the “city” lights – our backyard did just fine!)

According to the astronomers, yesterday’s full moon was the biggest, closest as well as brightest  since 1948! The next Supermoon that will be this close will only be in 2034.

Unfortunately, the sky was very cloudy and it hid the brightest of the moon. We rarely take photos in the evening or at night and need a lot more practice. 🙂

In Slovenia, it is believed that the full moon – polna luna is affect immensely the behaviors of Slovenians, although there is no proven scientific reasons. Believe it or not?

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Strawberry Solstice Moon in Podvrh

Due to the heavy rain forecast in Gorenjska on June 20th, my husband and I decided to go visit and help his sister, who lives in Podvrh, a small village near Sevnica with her partner.

Luckily, the weather was hot and sunny! After a good day of painting and work, we took a small stroll during the evening. I noticed right away the beautiful full moon and urged my husband to hurry and bring the cameras!

Strawberry Solstice Moon

Strawberry Solstice Full Moon

Usually, the full moon of June is called the Strawberry Moon, referring to the beginning of the fruit harvest season.

This year, the full moon is known as the Strawberry Solstice Moon as the June full moon is also the Summer Solstice day – a rather rare event. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the next one will only be in Winter 2094!

Slovenians tend to make a lot of important decision based on the moon phase. It is also believed to have some special effects on their behaviors. Believe it or not? Read more about the Full Moon in Slovenia.

Under the Beautiful Stars at Podvrh

Under the Beautiful Stars at Podvrh

We don’t often venture outside for late evening or night photography (but after this experience, it might change!). During the Strawberry Solstice Moon,  the sky was clear and the moonlight simply fantastic and we were able to get this nice landscape shot, right? 🙂

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