Changes in Learning Materials!

Hey guys!

As I’ve mentioned before my yearly subscription is coming to an end, I’ve decided to stop using Powtoon EDU for creating video. I will be using Canva and I hope to be able to create fun and interesting videos about Slovene!

Upon this decision, I’m also compiling my eBook 7 Days of Basic Slovene (Week 1-2-3-4) into one single pdf – which will be available as a Supporter Post only, via my Ko-fi page. And my Anna’s cheat sheets will be made into spreadsheets, available on my blog in Learning Materials.

(Special Thanks to Monika V. for checking mistakes and typos. I really appreciated it!)

Cheat sheets and individual eBooks will be removed. If you have supported me in the past and would like to get the entire pdf, you can contact me.

Since I start writing my blog, I’ve been trying different new things: photography, videos, eBooks, printables… It’s all great and fun, but also a lot to keep track.. I’ve enjoying the journey and learning a lot as I go, but I want to keep things simple. For you, and for me.

(No, this is not a goodbye post!) Just making changes to the learning materials available on my blog.

I’m also very grateful for your support and positive comments ­čÖé It means a lot to me!

Naljlepša hvala!

Simplified Slovenian News on RTV Slo

Hey guys,

the other day from an EXPATS Sharing Group, I came across a very interesting resource, especially for learners : Enostavno – Simply on RTV Slo. It’s basically simplified news in Slovene on different topics. The most relevant part is that the text can actually be read normally (preberi) and read slower (preberi po─Źasi).

I think that it is an excellent way to practice for reading and listening to Slovene, especially the pronunciation. Because the text is relatively simplified, you can even use the text as an exercise to identify skloni by putting the number of the corresponding sklon in  superscript.

If you come across other useful resource for Slovene, don’t hesitate and share!

Perfect and Imperfect Verbs Table

Here’s a list of vidski par with┬á

  • infinitive form of Imperfect verb –┬áNedovr┼íni glagol
  • infinitive form of Perfect verb – Dovr┼íni glagol

For easier learning, I’ve put the Imperfect on the left and the Perfect on the right with their respective translation.

IMPERFECT – Nedovr┼íni glagol PERFECT – Dovr┼íni glagol
barvati (to paint) pobarvati (to paint)
brati (to read) prebrati (to read, to read through)
─Źakati (to wait) po─Źakati (to wait)
─Źutiti (to feel) za─Źutiti (to feel)
dajati (to give) dati (to give)
delati (to do, to work) narediti (to do, to make)
dobivati (to get many times) dobiti (to get)
dodajati (to add) dodati (to add)
dohitevati (to be catching up) dohiteti (to catch up)
dolivati (to add liquid by pouring) doliti (to add liquid by pouring liquid)
dopu┼í─Źati (to allow) dopustiti (to allow)
dosegati (to reach) dose─Źi (to reach)
dovoljevati (to allow) dovoliti (to allow)
do┼żivljati (to experience) do┼żiveti (to experience)
dvigati (to lift, to raise) dvigniti (to lift, to raise)
gledati (to watch) / videti videti / pogledati (to see / to look at)
govoriti (to speak) re─Źi /povedati (to say / to tell)
hoditi (to walk) shoditi (to start to walk)
iskati (to look for, to search) poiskati (to look up)
izgubljati (to lose) izgubiti (to lose)
izrezovati (to cut out) izrezati (to cut out)
jemati (to take) vzeti (to take)
jesti (to eat) pojesti (to eat up)
kupovati (to buy, to purchase) kupiti (to buy, to purchase)
kuriti (to heat) zakuriti (to heat)
metati (to throw) vre─Źi (to throw)
nagibati (to incline) nagniti (to incline)
najemati (to hire) najeti (to hire)
namigovati (to allude) namigniti (to allude)
nakupovati (to buy) nakupiti (to buy)
nositi (to carry), nesti (to carry)  
obiskovati (to attend, to visit) obiskati (to visit)
objavljati (to publish) objaviti (to publish)
obla─Źiti (to dress) oble─Źi (to dress up)
obljubljati (to promise) obljubiti (to promise)
odgovarjati (to answer) odgovoriti (to answer)
odhajati (to be leaving) oditi (to do, to leave)
odkupovati (to buy off) odkupiti (to buy off)
odlo─Źati se (to decide) odlo─Źiti se (to decide)
odpirati (to open) odpreti (to open)
odpu┼í─Źati (to forgive) odpustiti (to forgive)
opazovati (to observe) opaziti (to notice)
padati (to fall) pasti (to fall)
pe─Źi (to bake, to roast) spe─Źi (to bake)
pihati (to blow) pihniti (to blow)
pikati (to sting) pi─Źiti (to sting)
pisati (to write) napisati (to write down)
pla─Źevati (to be paying) pla─Źati (to pay)
po─Źeti (to do) storiti (to do)
podirati (to pull down) podreti (to pull down)
podpisovati (to sign) podpisati (to sign)
pogovarjati se (to talk) pogovoriti se (to talk)
ponavljati (to repeat many times) ponoviti (to repeat)
ponujati (to offer) ponuditi (to offer)
posojati (to lend) posoditi (to lend)
postajati (to become) postati (to become)
potapljati (to sink) potopiti (to sink)
povzro─Źati (to be causing) povzro─Źiti (to cause)
prebujati se (to awaken) prebuditi se (to awaken)
prebadati (to pierce) prebosti, predreti (to pierce)
prejemati (to receive) prejeti (to receive)
preobla─Źiti (to change clothes) preoble─Źi (to change clothes)
prepletati (to weave) preplesti (to weave)
prepovedovati (to forbid) prepovedati (to forbid)
prevajati (to translate) prevesti (to translate)
preverjati (to check, to verify) preveriti (to check, to verify)
prihajati (to arrive, to come) priti (to come)
pri─Źakovati (to expect) pri─Źakati (to expect)
pripravljati (to prepare) pripraviti (to prepare)
prito┼żevati se (to complain) prito┼żiti se (to complain)
prodajati (to sell) prodati (to sell)
razkrivati (to reveal) razkriti (to reveal)
razstavljati (to exhibit) razstaviti (to exhibit)
raztezati se (to stretch) raztegniti se (to stretch)
rediti (to fatten) zrediti (to fatten)
reševati (to solve, to rescue) rešiti (to solve to rescue)
segati (to reach to) se─Źi (to reach)
skakati (to jump) sko─Źiti (to jump)
sklepati (to conclude) skleniti (to conclude)
sla─Źiti (to undress) sle─Źi (to undress)
spati (to sleep) zaspati (to fall asleep)
spominjati (se) (to remember) spomniti (se) (to remember, to remind)
spraševati se (to ask) vprašati se (to ask)
starati se (to age) postarati se (to age)
svariti (to warn) posvariti (to warn)
udarjati (to strike) udariti (to strike)
ugašati (to turn off) ugasniti (to turn off)
ugotavljati (to ascertain) ugotoviti (to ascertain)
umikati (to withdraw) umakniti (to withdraw)
umivati (to wash) umiti (to wash)
vabiti (to invite) povabiti (to invite)
varovati (to protect) zavarovati (to protect)
ve─Źati (to increase) pove─Źati (to increase)
vra─Źati (to return) vrniti (to return)
vstajati (to rise) vstati (to rise, to stand up)
za─Źenjati (to start, to begin) za─Źeti (to start, to begin)
zamujati (to be late) zamuditi (to miss, to be late)
zapirati (to close, to shut) zapreti (to close, to shut)
zaposlovati (to employ) zaposliti (to employ)
zavijati (to wrap, to turn) zaviti (to wrap, to turn)
zbujati (to rouse, to wake) zbuditi (to wake)
zreti (to look at) ozreti se (to look at)

There is obviously more “pairs”. If there are verbs you would want to inquiry about, leave me a comment or a message and I will try my best to add them.┬á

Please note that some verbs are only perfect or imperfect, while others are perfect and imperfect.

Profession, Job and Workplace

Here’s a list of

  • Profession – Poklic (po poklicu sem – my education is, and delam kot – I work as)
  • Possible Workplace – Delovno Mesto

POKLIC, Profession, Job




direktor, direktorica




ekonomist, ekonomistka


farmacevt, farmacevtka




frizer, frizerka


gasilec, gasilca


glasbenik, glasbenica






igralec, igralka

actor, performer



in┼żenir, in┼żenirka


kuhar, kuharica




medicinska sestra




natakar, natakarica

waiter, waitress

bar, karvarna

bar, coffeeshop

novinar, novinarka


pevec, pevka


pisatelj, pisateljica


policist, policistka



police station







pravnik, pravnica




predsednik, predsednica


prevajalec, prevajalka


prodajalec, prodajalka




psiholog, psihologinja


ravnatelj, ravnateljica

director (of a school)

raziskovalec, razskovalka

researcher, explorer

šef, šefinja


študent, študentka


šofer, šoferka


avtobusna postaja

bus station

športnik, športnica


tajnik, tajnica




tolma─Ź, tolma─Źka


u─Źitelj, u─Źiteljica


šola, univerza, fakulteta

school, university, faculty

umetnik, umetnica




veterinar, veterinarka


┼żival┼íki vrt


zdravnik, zdravnica


zobozdravnik, zobozdravnica


Please note that you don’t always end up┬áworking in your field of studies.

That being say, you can po poklicu sem medicinska sestra ampak┬ádelam kot┬áprevajalka – my education is nursing, but I work┬áas a translator.

This list is not complete yet, as there is quite a lot possible professions, jobs and workplaces.

If you want to know more about your profession or workplace specifically, please leave a request in the Memento box below!


Country, Nationality and Language

Here’s a list of

  • Country – Dr┼żava,
  • Nationality┬á– Narodnost┬á(Male and Female form),
  • Language – Jezik┬á(used after govorim┬á– I speak)
DR┼ŻAVA – Country NARODNOST – Nationality JEZIK – Language spoken Translation
Anglija,Velika Britanija Angle┼ż, Angle┼żinja angle┼íko England,Great Britain
Avstrija Avstrijec, Avstrijka nemško Austria
Egipt Egip─Źan, Egip─Źanka arabsko Egypt
Filipini Filipinec, Filipinka tagalogsko Philippines
Francija Francoz, Francozinja francosko France
Hrvaška Hrvat, Hrvatica hrvaško Croatia
Italija Italijan, Italijanka italijansko Italy
Japonska Japonec, Japonka japonsko Japan
Kanada Kanad─Źan, Kanad─Źanka angle┼íko, francosko Canada
Kitajska Kitajec, Kitajka kitajsko China
Mad┼żarska Mad┼żar, Mad┼żarka mad┼żarsko Hungary
Nem─Źija Nemec, Nemka nem┼íko Germany
Rusija Rus, Rusinja rusko Russia
Slovenija Slovenec, Slovenka slovensko Slovenia
Španija Španec, Španka špansko Spain
ZDA Ameri─Źan, Ameri─Źanka angle┼íko USA

Obviously, my list is not complete yet.

If you want to know how to say your country, nationality or language in Slovene, please leave me a request in the Memento box below and I will gladly add it to my list!