Supper at Hiša pod Gradom with Zvezdar

My husband and I often like to “last minute” date plan, either for eating out, shopping, movie night or day trip,  we rarely plan much ahead of time. We like to enjoy the spontaneous inspiration of the moment! 🙂

Zvezdar – Večerja pri mojstrih okusov

So, on a Friday evening, we decided to do an impromptu drive to Ljubljana. Eventually, we got hungry and decided to try our luck with out Zvezdar gift certificate: Večerja pri mojstrih okusov – a voucher for dinner at a selected restaurant, for two. We could choose from more than 30 Slovenian restaurants. Yum!!

Zvezdar Restaurants Presentation Booklet

Zvezdar Restaurants Presentation Booklet

Since we were already in Ljubljana, we decided to try a restaurant that was in the area. The booklet suggested that we have a reservation… but last minute as we are, we didn’t. We called a few place to see if we could get a table and fortunately, we managed to get a quick “reserved” table at Hiša pod Gradom, a restaurant just below the Ljubljana Castle.

Restaurant Hiša pod Gradom

Upon arrival, we were immediately seated. The restaurant was cozy and nicely lighted. The staffs were really friendly. Somehow, most of the guests didn’t seem to be Slovenians and the waiters spoke decent English. 🙂

At Hiša pod Gradom, the voucher was for an exclusive plate for two and glasses of wine (each restaurant has a different menu). Their menu usually changes with the seasons. (Our plate for two wasn’t on the actual menu.)

Menu for Two at Hiša pod Gradom

Menu for Two at Hiša pod Gradom (Sorry, photo taken with my phone…)

Main dishes: salmon filet, two tuna filets, four chicken filets in mustard-pepper sauce and chicken in mustard sauce, pršut-wrapped chicken. Side dishes: delicious vegetables and amayingly good potatoes fries.

Usually “plates for two” in Slovenia can feed like 3-4 people, but the portion at Hiša pod Gradom was perfect. We were very full but managed to finish everything, without wasting any food. 🙂

Glutton as I am, I peeked at what other people were eating. And I was quite excited to find out that all portions were gigantic and looked delicious. The prices on the menu were also very affordable!

Overall, we had an excellent food experience. Thanks to the voucher (and the person who gave it to us), we didn’t have to “pay” and got to enjoy an excellent evening together!

Until next time,

Happy Holidays 2015 from Slovenia

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I wish you all a wonderful time with your family and friends, filled with joy, happiness, love ❤ and everything else your heart wishes.

Every year, the center of Ljubljana is light up with marvelous decorations with a giant Christmas tree right in the middle of Prešernov trg. It is truly an enchanting ambiance with outdoor music, Christmas lights, surrounded by little kiosks with delicious food, cooked wine, sweets and other goodies.

I had a wonderful year in 2015 – filled with true love, everlasting friendships and constant support of family. It made me realized what should be important in life and what should matters less.

I’m looking for 2016 with excitement, so should you!

Spend some quality time with your loves ones <3,

Slovenia on Budget in Pictures


These photos were taken all around Slovenia, when my parents came visit me, at the end of August 2015.

Day 1 – Ljubljana

At the end of August, my parents came visit me and I had about a week to show them around Slovenia. We had a car and I wanted to bring them to many places but didn’t want to spend too much on admission fee, so if you fall into that category, keep reading!

There’s a lot of free/low-cost interesting “touristic” alternative activities all around Slovenia and here’s just a few, that I’ve selected to show my parents.

To avoid writing one big wall of text, I’ve divided it into a series of post: “Slovenia on Budget”. Please note, this is about Places to Visit, and I don’t cover accommodations or transports.

Day 1 – Ljubljana

On the map, Slovenia looks like a big chicken. Today, we’re going to visit the biggest city and it’s in the Osrednjeslovenska region.

Ljubljana, the City of Dragon

Ljubljana is the Capital City of Slovenia, also known as the City of Dragon – a must-see.

We walked around the old town Center (Prešernov trg squareMestni trg square, Dragon Bridge, the Triple Bridge and so much more…) and my parents took tons of photos.

Beautiful Fountain of Robba with glimpse of a Church in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Beautiful Fountain of Robba with glimpse of a Church in Ljubljana, Slovenia

There are many  beautiful statues, fountains, street arts in the old town of Ljubljana, you just have to look and explore every streets and little corners for them! I will give you a little clue: look for the street Ključavničarska ulica.

Looking up the Bell Tower of St-Nicholas Church in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Looking up the Bell Tower of St-Nicholas Church in Ljubljana, Slovenia

And sometimes you just need to look up and around to spot something worth photographing.

Romantic Love Locks on the Butcher's Bridge in Old Ljubljana

Romantic Love Locks on the Butcher’s Bridge in Old Ljubljana

There’s also an Open Market, filled with locals goodies. Also, every Friday from March to September, there’s an event Odprta kuhna – Open Kitchen, in Ljubljana – where you can taste traditional Slovenian and International dishes, from 8am to 8pm.

Beautiful Ceiling and Chandelier of the St-Georges Chapel in Ljubljana Castle

Beautiful Ceiling and Chandelier of the St-Georges Chapel in Ljubljana Castle

The Ljubljana Castle, sitting on top of the hill, looking down on the Center.  If you don’t want to walk up to the castle, you can use the Funicular (ticket is 10€, which includes admission to the Virtual Castle, Outlook Tower and the exhibitions). We decided to walk up (of course) to the castle. It was a nice hike up, about 15-20 mins. We visit the inner courtyard of the castle for free and the St. George’s Chapel.

The largest park in Ljubljana is Tivoli Park. If you need to take a break from walking the city streets, you can enjoy a nice relaxing walk in Tivoli for free. It reminds me of Central Park in New York, a big piece of green inside a city.

And if you’re in for a coffee break, I suggest that you go to Nebotičnik – the Skyscraper, a coffee shop with a roof terrace, where you can enjoy an awesome view over Ljubljana, Tivoli Park, the mountains… at the cost of a nice cup of coffee, which you can pair with a serving of cake (I recommend to try the Famous Ljubljana Cake – Torta Ljubljana, gluten free with buckwheat flour, pumpkin seeds, almond, figs and chestnuts, and it’s covered in some yummy chocolate. Miammm…).

Ljubljana, being the capital city and center of cultures, has indeed many more free events. Feel free to share them with me via the comment box below 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog and if you enjoyed your day in Ljubljana, follow me on my next destinations: Day 2 – Bled & Bohinj and visit my Gallery.

Let’s travel,


Old Ljubljana during Holidays

Sorry for the quality of some photos – Evening shots are not easy. We might be able to take better ones during the New Year Celebration, but it will depend on the weather.

Those photos were taken in Ljubljana, during the holidays season, December 2014.