Mushroom-Picking in Slovenia

One of the most popular and healthy activities for locals is indeed mushroom-picking! Due to the three different climates (Alpine, Mediterranean and Pannonian) in Slovenia, a wide variety of mushrooms grow in abundance. It is a real paradise.

In Slovenia, most forest paths and walking trails are accessible to anyone, even if it is someone else’s property. Although, trespassing is not allowed if the property is fenced or marked otherwise with a sign.

During the mushroom-picking season, from the end of March to November, there is always a lot of Slovenians roaming the surrounding forests with bags or baskets, especially in the popular spot, such as Pokljuka, near Bled.

Obviously, not all mushrooms are edible. Mushroom-pickers are familiar with the various variety of mushrooms and they only select those that they know are 100% safe to eat. And be careful not to pick too much at once, as there is a limit of 2 kg per person!

Although, even if you don’t want to pick the mushrooms yourself,  you can still enjoy their delicious freshness by buying them from local markets.

Mushroom-picking is a very interesting and relaxing activity, but my husband and I are more interested into photographing those little natural beauty.

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Strawberry Solstice Moon in Podvrh

Due to the heavy rain forecast in Gorenjska on June 20th, my husband and I decided to go visit and help his sister, who lives in Podvrh, a small village near Sevnica with her partner.

Luckily, the weather was hot and sunny! After a good day of painting and work, we took a small stroll during the evening. I noticed right away the beautiful full moon and urged my husband to hurry and bring the cameras!

Strawberry Solstice Moon

Strawberry Solstice Full Moon

Usually, the full moon of June is called the Strawberry Moon, referring to the beginning of the fruit harvest season.

This year, the full moon is known as the Strawberry Solstice Moon as the June full moon is also the Summer Solstice day – a rather rare event. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the next one will only be in Winter 2094!

Slovenians tend to make a lot of important decision based on the moon phase. It is also believed to have some special effects on their behaviors. Believe it or not? Read more about the Full Moon in Slovenia.

Under the Beautiful Stars at Podvrh

Under the Beautiful Stars at Podvrh

We don’t often venture outside for late evening or night photography (but after this experience, it might change!). During the Strawberry Solstice Moon,  the sky was clear and the moonlight simply fantastic and we were able to get this nice landscape shot, right? 🙂

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Sečovlje Salina Nature Park in Photos

These photos were taken during our visit of the Traditional Salt-Making in Slovenia at the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, end of April 2016.

Arboretum Volčji Potok via Photo

These photos were taken during A Nice Day at Arboretum Volčji Potok during its Tulips Exhibition, in April 2016.

Slovenia on Budget in Pictures


These photos were taken all around Slovenia, when my parents came visit me, at the end of August 2015.

Photo Hunting with Foto Klub Tržič – in Photos

These photos were taken during a Photo Hunting Activity with Foto Klub Tržič (Fotolov – Zahajajoče Sonce), Summer 2015.

Photo Hunting with Foto Klub Tržič

At the end of May, I’ve participated to a Photo Hunting, Fotolov, activity organized by the Foto Klub Tržič.

I was pretty nervous in meeting new Slovene-only speakers and actually wondered if I would understand them at all, but everything turn out awesome. People were impressed that I spoke Slovene and I got to meet and learn from awesome and passionate photography lovers!

The activity was called Zahajajoče Sonce, which means Sunset, and it was all about finding the natural lighting. We went to various places for the activity.

Beautiful Wild Flowers with Lake Bled and the City in the back

Beautiful Wild Flowers with Lake Bled and the City in the back

First stop, we went to a spot that overlook on Lake Bled, the view was fantastic! It looked like a little hidden spot for photography lovers, and despite the hot weather, in the attitude, it was pretty cold (wearing a parka is advised!).

I practiced my Composition, which means how to arrange elements in your photo’s frame. There’s a lot of rules, but what’s important is how you feel about what you want to photograph.

There was many lovely right flowers were I was standing, then I could see the forest, Lake Bled and the Church of the Assumption, the city, the mountains and the sky.

Looking up the Trees above the Blueberries Field

Looking up the Trees above the Blueberries Field

Second stop, we went to a blueberries clearing in Pokljuka. Another secret spot, I would say! Apparently, a lot of people go up there to collect blueberries during the summer.

Nice spotlight next to a Tree in a Blueberries Field

Nice spotlight next to a Tree in a Blueberries Field

There I practiced my Lighting and started to play with my Exposure settings for the first time (yes, I’m a big time beginner at Photography! But hey, practice makes perfect – eventually!). The place just seemed perfect for testing the different effects while using different exposure settings.

I’ve also tried using different angles, depending on what I wanted to demonstrate.

For example, here’s a photo of our teacher Aleš Zdešar, who had the kindness to guide us all around.

At first, he looks buried into the blueberries field within the tall tree, right?

Actually, he was sitting on a rock and not into the field. I used an angle so that the blueberries (in the front) would hide the rock and make him look like he’s engulfed in the field.

Knowing how to use the correct angle to photograph what you want to show is indeed crucial, and I still have a tons to learn!

Third stop, we drove to a plains up in the mountain, a Planina.

During summer, cows are putting in there, but some people also go there for a small holidays, that’s what the cabins are for. It is also free to access, so any visitors are welcomed.

We practice photographing in Macro the flowers on the plains, while waiting for the sunset. I didn’t like the macro function somehow, so I mostly used the Focus to take photos. I’m pretty happy with the result.

Green Field with Beautiful Purple Wild Flowers with Sunshine in Planina, Slovenia

Green Field with Beautiful Purple Wild Flowers with Sunshine in Planina, Slovenia

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my tripod with me (I know, totally silly me…) and I wasn’t able to take good photo of the golden hour (the short moment before sunset – or sunrise) at all.

Last stop, to conclude the Fotolov, we went to Lake Bled for a night shoot of the Church of the Assumption.

Beautiful Evening View and Reflection of the Church of the Assumption in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Beautiful Evening View and Reflection of the Church of the Assumption in Lake Bled, Slovenia

I didn’t bring my tripod, but a very kind person lend me his! 🙂 He also took the time to teach me how to shoot in Manual Mode and how to set the Speed to increase the exposure time for night photography. And… surprisingly, I think the result was fantastic!

Despite my worries at the beginning of the activity, I truly enjoyed myself and met some awesome people, who loves photography with passion! I learnt a lot and can’t wait for next time.

More photos of my photo hunting can be found in my Gallery.

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