Wedding Traditions in Slovenia

As some of you already know, I got married recently to the love of my life (so cheesy). Most weddings I’ve attended before were inclined on Chinese Tradition, therefore I’ve discovered a few “Slovenian” wedding traditions during my own and I would like to share them with you!

The Dress

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress is indeed crucial for most Brides. In Slovenia (and in some others countries), the Groom is not allowed to see his Bride’s Wedding Dress until the Wedding.

The Picking-Up of the Bride

“Door Games” are quite common during Chinese Wedding. In Slovenia, when the Groom comes pick-up his Bride, the Father of the Bride opens the door and present him “fake Brides”: first, a broom disguised into a Bride, followed by disguised fake Brides (can be male or female), then the real Bride is presented (to the joy of the Groom).

The Bouquet

I’ve learnt during my Wedding Day that the Bride’s Bouquet has to be protected and watch over by the Bride and her bridesmaids until Midnight (or the Cake Cutting), as every available guests will try to steal it for money! Don’t trust anyone beside your bridesmaids… especially when you go refresh yourself!!

The Kidnapping

In Slovenia, it is quite common that the Bride gets kidnapped by available men during the wedding banquet and the Groom and his groomsmen have to find her before Midnight (or the Cake Cutting). If he fails, it brings bad omen to the marriage…

The Rice

They said the number of Rice (thrown during the Wedding Ceremony) that remain in the hairs of the newlyweds till the Wedding Night is the number of kids that the couple will have! (We had at least 20 grains of Rice left in our hairs, for sure…)

Bonus – this practice is commonly done in small villages (such as ours). If the Bride originates from that village, the neighbors build a barrage, meant to block the newlyweds. After a series of challenges, the Bride and the Groom get the blessings from the villagers and are allowed to get married.

I’ve heard from my mother-in-law (and some older couples), that during their wedding, a camel (men in disguise) with a train of guys joined in their wedding banquet. The camel had teats and the couple had to “milk” the camel. The camel had a bucket for its head, and at the end, the camel dies and the party started.

Anyone heard about that one and know the reason behind it? Or maybe you have some Wedding Traditions that you would like to share with me? Please let me know via my comment box below!

Until next time,
Anna ❤

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