Slovene Verbs

Verbs in Slovene are used to describe actions, but in a very precise way. Conjugation of verbs is rather easy and not complicated.


Slovene pronouns are very precise, especially with the dual form. Knowing them is essential to adequately conjugate verbs.

Verbs Tenses

Luckily, there is only four tenses, but you can get along just fine with only three (for a starter) of them. The pattern is also not too difficult to understand.

Grammatical Aspect

The Slovene grammatical aspect can be quite tricky. Different verbs (or slightly similar) are used to express the position in time of an action, state or event.

Modal Verbs

In Slovene, modal verbs are used to express the ability, possibility, necessity and such. They are usually followed by an infinitive verbs.

Other interesting concepts of verbs are Verbs to NounsCommands

… to be continued.