Exercises and Questions

It is quite standard to do some exercises to practice and improve your Slovene.
But I think that asking questions and looking for answers can stimulate
your learning of Slovene in a more fun and interesting way.


I’m going to share questions that I’ve been asked or that I’ve questioned myself about Slovene. Keep in mind that there are no silly question, so don’t hesitate and ask me!

  • Ask Anna about Slovene #001
    In fourth sklon, the preposition v or na is used for direction. But why is there a preposition in “Grem v službo” but none in “Grem domov“?
  • Ask Anna about Slovene #002
    In the sentence “A lahko dobim vašo telefonsko številko?“, why is it written vašo and not vaše. As o doesn’t go with š.
  • Ask Anna about Slovene #003
    In the sentence “Vse poletje čakam, da pride jesen.”, čakati is imperfect, because this action happens regularly, but why is priti is perfect?
  • Ask Anna about Slovene #004
    In the expression “za dobro narave“, the preposition za is for fourth sklon, but why is it “dobro narave“. “Dobro” is neuter but “narava” is feminine and plural.
  • Ask Anna about Slovene #005
    How do you say “What’s your/his/her name” and “What is your mom’s/dad’s name?” and how is it related to the third sklon?
  • Ask Anna about Slovene #006
    The answer to the question “Od kod gre vlak za Maribor?” is “s šestega tira“. Why it is not “od šestega tira”?


As the saying goes vaja dela mojstra and practice, repeat and again! So I’ve compiled some exercises that you can hopefully enjoy!

… to be continued.