Slovenian Idioms

Idioms are the essence of a language. Knowing and understanding them is a great way to “blend in” with locals and to discover Slovenia.

Interestingly, some expressions are unique, but others have a similar equivalent as well as dissimilarity in French, English and even Chinese (and probably other languages – but I wouldn’t know, so you can tell me about it).

Understanding Slovenian Idioms #001

  • Živeti na koruzi – To live in the cornfield
  • Šel je po gobe – Went for mushrooms
  • Nedeljski vozniki – the Sunday’s drivers

Understanding Slovenian Idioms #002

  • Zdrav kot riba v vodi – Healthy like a fish in the water
  • Ne vreči puške v koruzo – Don’t throw the gun in the cornfield
  • Imeti slovnico v malem prstu – To have the grammar on the little finger

Understanding Slovenian Idioms #003

  • Imeti mačka (or tigra) – To have a cat (or a tiger)
  • Vse je spavalo po vodi – Everything fell into the water
  • Živeti kot ptiček na veji – To live like a bird on a branch

Understanding Slovenian Idioms #004

  • Konjiček – Pony
  • Imeti krompir – To have a potato
  • Tih kot miš – Quiet like a mouse

Understanding Slovenian Idioms #005

  • Kaditi kot Turek – To smoke like a Turk
  • Brez muje se še čevelj ne obuje – Without effort you can’t put a shoes on
  • Biti copata – To be a slipper

Understanding Slovenian Idioms #006

  • Odkriti Ameriko – To discover America
  • Španska vas – Spanish village
  • Narediti se Francoza – To make oneself French

Understanding Slovenian Idioms #007

  • Zaradi dreves ne videti gozda – Because of the trees, can’t see the forest
  • Rasti kot gobe (po dežju) – To grow like mushrooms (after the rain)
  • Govoriti kot dež – To talk like the rain

Understanding Slovenian Idioms #008

  • Imeti maslo na glavi – To have butter on the head
  • Skakati čez plot – To jump over the fence
  • Ugrizniti v kislo jabolko – To bite into a sour apple

Understanding Slovenian Idioms #009

  • Beliti si glavo – To whiten your head
  • Iz te moke ne bo kruha – From this flour there will be no bread
  • Nositi vodo v Savo – To bring water in Sava

Understanding Slovenian Idioms #010

  • Nositi hlače – To wear pants
  • Kapo dol – Hat down
  • Gledati skozi rožnata očala – To see through rose-colored glasses

Every Day with Slovenian Idioms #001

  • Nisem dovolj bogat, da bi poceni kupoval –  I am not rich enough that I would buy cheap things

Every Day with Slovenian Idioms #002

  • Gledaš kot miška iz moke – You look like a mouse from the flour
  • Hahaha stresaš orehe– Hahaha you are dropping nuts

Every Day with Slovenian Idioms #003

  • Ponoči je vsaka krava črna At night, all cows are black

… to be continued.