Learning Materials

Everyone learns differently, some are more visual, others are more auditory or reading and writing. Knowing how you learn best and working with the right tools, adapted to your type of learning, will help you greatly!

Vaja dela mojstra – Practice makes perfect.

List of Words

Part of learning a language is to be familiar with its vocabulary. The most vocabulary you know, the more easily you can understand and express yourself in Slovene.


Online tools I like to use as reference.

  • Amebis Besana – great search engine that will show you all forms of a word (nouns, verbs, adjectives…).
  • eBralec – decent tool for pronunciation, available in female and male voices.
  • Slovenian Word Of The Day – vocabulary word with audio, examples and expressions.
  • Fran – an awesome online resource of all kind of Slovene dictionaries (phrases, synonyms…).

Published Documents

Paperback documents (books, textbooks, dictionary…) that I like to use as reference and learning guide.

Anna’s Cheat Sheets

Free downloadable tables that I have created while learning Slovene. Use them for a quick reference or to inspire yourself to create your own. Feel free to share them but be nice and mention my blog (I would really appreciate it!) 🙂

… to be continued.