Slovenian Heritage

Habits and customs play an important role in the everyday life of Slovenians. Discover Slovenia through its customs as a part of its intangible cultural heritage.

Slovenian Wedding Traditions

Nowadays, many Slovenians live in cohabitation (živeti na koruzo) but wedding traditions remain an important part of the culture, especially when they do get married. If you plan to marry a Slovenian, knowing about them can be quite useful! 🙂

House Name

Back in the “old days”, houses were commonly identified by their hišna imena – house name, especially in old villages. It is an important part of the Slovenian culture and history.

Made in Slovenia

When I’m traveling or visiting new places, I love to bring back some souvenir with me. There are many fabulous “made in Slovenia” items for you to discover!


One of the most popular activities for Slovenians, from the end of March to November, is to go mushroom-picking.  Due to three different climates, a wide variety of mushrooms grow in abundance.


Known as 8 days of feast, the osmica is a 200 years old tradition in the Karst region. It is a great opportunity to taste homemade food and wine from the local farms.


Located on the Slovenian coast, the traditional art of salt-harvest takes place in Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, following a centuries-old process. Precious and gourmet solni cvet – fleur de sel, are produced.

There are more Slovenian Heritage to learn about…

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