Ski Jumping & Flying in Slovenia

The excitement of Ski Jumping and Flying is currently very high in Slovenia, more precisely in Planica, an alpine valley in the Gorenjska region. Every year, the FIS World Cup Ski Jumping Final takes place there!

Currently, every Slovenians are cheering for our awesome Ski Jumping Team! I sadly didn’t manage to get the tickets as they got sold out pretty fast, so… maybe next year, but I’m definitively following the final on TV.

My friend’s (lucky) daughter managed to get the signatures of the whole Slovenian Ski Jumping Team 2016! Of course, I just had to take a snap of it ❤ :

Ski Jumping SLO Team signatures 2016 |

Ski Jumping SLO Team signatures 2016

The signature of Peter Prevc, one of the famous Slovenian ski jumper, is at the right top corner and at the top middle is the signature of Robert Kranjec. I wasn’t there myself but I can imagine how exciting it was! ; )

(I would cheer for Team Canada, but Team Slovenia is doing extremely awesome this year!!!)

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