Working on the Fields!

Many apologies!

A lot of things are going on the Farm during Summer and 24 hours per day just doesn’t seem enough at all!

Few weeks back, we’ve moved the cows (yes, we have cows!) to the nearby Plains in the mountains – Planina.

It’s like Summer camp for the cows!

So, while the cows enjoy their yummy grass and fresh air up there, we work on the fields!

“Cut, Flip, Dry, Gather and Store” has become my new motto now! 😉

Farm works are really physical: we work long hours under the sun, but it’s good conditioning. We have a lots of lands and hills to maintain and are dependent of the good weather.

Living on the farm is a lot of work and very different from the city, but at the end of the day, I’m able to enjoy a breathtaking sightseeing of the nature and I always have an awesome feeling of great accomplishment through the hard work!

Enjoy the little things in life even if things get hard, my dear friends!

Until next time (soon, hopefully!),

2 thoughts on “Working on the Fields!

    • Hey Mohaan!
      Our cows do have “flowers names” but I’m not sure which ones. I call them all “Krave” (which means cows in Slovene) and “Mali” (which means little in Slovene) for the younger ones! LOL! But good point, I shall investigate their names and let you know!

      And yes, do come visit someday!!


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