Every Day with Slovenian Idioms #003

It’s amazing how you can encounter and learn Slovenian idioms everywhere, everyday!

A while ago, there was a Belgian movie on TV. Unfortunately, it was late and I actually didn’t watch the movie… but the Slovenian title really caught my attention. And it happened to be an idiom!

  • Ponoči je vsaka krava črna – At night, all cows are black.
    It sounds so logic, right? What I found funny is that “cows” would be used instead of “cats”.

The original French title is “Tous les chats sont gris“, which comes from the expression “La nuit, tous les chat sont gris” – “At night, all cats are grey”. Which means that, in the dark, physical appearance is not that important. It also means that, sometimes, depending on the circumstances, to be satisfied with something of lesser quality.

It is true that at night, all cows are black. Therefore, ponoči je vsaka krava črna.

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Let’s speak like Slovenians,

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